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Freshliance can provide environmental temperature data logger solutions, with a complete range of temperature and humidity data loggers.

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Freshliance Electronics Co., Ltd, founded in 2015, specializes in the development, manufacture, and sales of temperature and humidity data loggers, environmental monitoring and online tracking and recording systems. We serve the fruit and vegetable, food processing, seafood, life science, pharmaceutical, logistics and other cold chain industries. Our company is located in Hengfengkechuang Center, Airport Economic Zone, Zhengzhou, China. It is a national high-tech enterprise that has passed the ISO9000 professional certification.

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We have high-quality products, considerate service support, complete qualification certification, and a wide range of application fields


We continue to provide customers with more innovative, more accurate and better quality products. In addition to stable performance and compliance with safety regulations, our products are also easy to operate and durable.


Provide high-quality OEM/ODM services and dedicated online platform services. We will provide strategic cooperation, product OEM, product customization and other services according to customer needs.


We have an independent temperature verification environment to verify the long-term performance of products in different low temperature environments; our temperature recorder has passed CE, RoHS certification, and complies with EN12830, GSP standards


We serve food, medicine, life science, chemical industry, electronics, cultural archives, scientific research and other industries, and provide customers with professional cold chain solutions.


High-quality temperature and humidity data loggers ensure the quality of items during cold chain transportation


We are the most trusted provider of ambient temperature recording solutions


Vaccine USB temperature sensor with exportable reports

Vaccine USB temperature sensor with exportable reports

Vaccines are very sensitive to temperature, and large temperature fluctuations will affect the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, so vaccines generally need to be stored in a suitable temperature……

Bluetooth temp data logger that can view refrigerator historical data

Bluetooth temp data logger that can view refrigerator historical data

Refrigerators are devices for storing temperature-sensitive items and can be used for refrigeration or freezing of sensitive items. Refrigerator temperature monitoring is very important for the stor……

Insulin BLE temperature logger for viewing data on mobile phone

Insulin BLE temperature logger for viewing data on mobile phone

Diabetic patients usually need to inject exogenous insulin to manage blood sugar levels, and insulin has strict requirements on ambient temperature. The optimal storage temperature of unopened insul……