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Why do we need Bluetooth temperature data logger for flower planting?

Anyone who knows about flower planting knows that temperature and humidity are very important factors for the growth of flowers. Whether it is outdoor planting or indoor planting, appropriate temperature and humidity are required for flowers to grow normally. Most flowers grow ideally in the temperature range of 15°C to 25°C, too high or too low temperature will affect the growth of flowers. In order to provide a more suitable temperature and humidity environment for flower planting, it is necessary not only to maintain a constant temperature and humidity but also to detect and record the temperature and humidity of the flower planting environment in real time through some instruments, such as the more popular Bluetooth temperature data logger.


Why Do We Need Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger For Flower Planting


Greenhouse cultivation technology is now very common in the field of flower cultivation, which can provide a more reasonable and suitable environment during the growth of flowers. The Bluetooth temperature data logger can collect and store the temperature and humidity in the environment in the flower planting greenhouse, connect the mobile phone through Bluetooth, and then transmit the data. You can directly read the real-time data on the mobile phone. Once the temperature exceeds the preset range, you will receive notification reminders on your mobile phone, making you more worry-free during the flower planting process. Freshliance TH20 HACCP Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger adopts a more advanced HACCP temperature sensor, which is more sensitive and accurate in collecting temperature and humidity data in the flower planting greenhouse. In addition to viewing the data on the mobile phone, this product also has an LCD display. In the greenhouse, real-time temperature and humidity data as well as the maximum and minimum temperatures can also be directly observed on the instrument. Compared with traditional thermometers, TH20yonghu has higher reliability, higher cost performance, easy maintenance, and data storage and analysis of the environment.


Why Do We Need Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger For Flower Planting


Understanding the temperature and humidity needs of flowers and taking appropriate management measures can help flowers maintain healthy growth and display beautiful flowers, increasing their commercial value. Monitoring and recording the temperature and humidity of flower planting can ensure that flowers grow in a stable and suitable environment. The Bluetooth temperature data logger provided by Freshliance is more in line with the current temperature and humidity monitoring and recording needs of flower planting. If you do not know about the temperature and humidity monitoring program for flower planting, we can also design a reasonable monitoring program based on your needs to save you money. cost of investment!