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What Is A Single Use Temperature Data Logger?

In many industries, such as food, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and chemicals, these items have strict temperature requirements, and changes in temperature may affect their quality and safety, so ensuring that products are stored and transported at the correct temperature is crucial. The single use temperature data logger is an instrument that can only be used once to monitor and record temperature. It occupies a small space and is light in weight. It can help the normal transportation or storage of food, medicine, and other items that are greatly affected by temperature. Chain technology is very important.


What Is A Single Use Temperature Data Logger


In fact, the working principle of the temperature data logger is very simple. It uses an internal sensor to measure the ambient temperature and stores the data in the internal memory. The single use temperature data logger developed by Freshliance has a built-in USB interface and does not require a data cable or card reader. After the trip, it can be directly connected to a PC or an Android phone to generate an irreversible temperature data report and analyze the data more conveniently. In order to better meet the cold chain demand of the market, our company also provides 7-day, 15-day, 30-day, 60-day, 90-day, 120-day, and even 180-day recorders according to the length of the trip. Different models have different prices, so choose the right one Models with longer usage days can also save more costs. The use of temperature data loggers can not only provide reliable records of the temperature of products throughout the supply chain process, but also provide important evidence of whether the temperature of the supply chain of items meets the requirements, which can avoid many troubles; Finally, single use recorders are cheap, There is no need to recycle and reuse after use, and the work efficiency will be higher.


What Is A Single Use Temperature Data Logger


Whether in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, or other industries that require temperature control, the single-use temperature data logger is an indispensable device. Every device produced by Freshliance is a cost-effective product. It is widely used in the cold chain management of seafood, vegetables, fruits, medicines, vaccines, flowers, etc. It is very practical and accurate. Provide high-quality products.