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What Is Frozen Meat Usb Temperature Recorder?

As a common way to keep food cold, frozen meat provides us with convenient, fresh, and delicious meat choices. Do a good job of monitoring the temperature of frozen meat and keep the temperature constant to ensure the quality of frozen meat. The frozen meat USB temperature recorder can accurately monitor the temperature of the cold chain environment, and the error will be relatively small, about ±0.3°C, so it plays an important role in extending the shelf life of meat.


What Is Frozen Meat Usb Temperature Recorder


Frozen meat should be stored at an appropriate temperature, usually minus 18 degrees Celsius. A temperature logger is a device that continuously monitors and records the temperature of frozen meat. The USB temperature recorder developed and produced by Freshliance monitors the temperature range from -30°C to +70°C, which can ensure the temperature monitoring of frozen meat. This thermometer has the advantages of low cost, simple operation, and small footprint, and can be placed directly on the surface of frozen meat packaging. In order to improve the waterproof level of the Temperature Data Logger, we use an external waterproof bag to make its waterproof level reach IP67. Since frozen meat storage or transportation will have different time periods, Freshliance has also developed a Temperature Data Logger with different working days according to the needs, up to 90 days. The equipment failure rate is basically zero during use, and it can be monitored in real-time and at any time Get temperature information.


What Is Frozen Meat Usb Temperature Recorder


Every USB temperature recorder launched by Freshliance is a cost-effective device, which can be used in cold chain transportation and storage of frozen meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, medicines, etc. The price of the Temperature Data Logger produced by Freshliance is relatively low, but the quality and functions are relatively guaranteed, so it has won the support and trust of users!