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What is a Dry Ice USB Temperature Logger?

Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, its chemical formula is CO2, and it can directly change from solid to gas at room temperature. Dry ice is very cold, about -78.5 degrees Celsius (-109.3 degrees Fahrenheit), so it is also a very useful coolant. Dry ice is often used for the storage and transportation of temperature-sensitive items, which can effectively ensure the quality and safety of items in low-temperature environments. Dry Ice USB Temperature Logger is an ultra-low temperature recorder with a USB plug developed for the properties of dry ice. It can be connected to a computer to generate the temperature of the dry ice environment, which is very helpful for item quality analysis.


Dry Ice USB Temperature Logger


Frozen food, medicines, and biological samples can all be transported and stored in a dry ice environment. Dry ice is also used for cryopreservation and storage in laboratories and medical institutions. It is very suitable to choose an ultra-low temperature data logger as a device for monitoring and recording environmental temperature. The Atlas Log-IUT Dry Ice Temperature Data Logger produced by Freshliance has a temperature monitoring range of -90℃~70℃, which is fully in line with the minimum temperature of dry ice, and the accuracy is within ±0.5℃ (-30℃~+70℃), ±1.0℃( Others), changes in dry ice ambient temperature can be accurately monitored and recorded. Atlas Log-IUT is a Dry Ice USB Temperature Logger. It has the function of recording storage temperature, and the recording interval can be set from 1 minute to 24 hours. After the trip, you can use USB to connect to the computer to generate a dry ice environment chart of the entire process. The temperature report of PDF/CSV/PDF+CSV report can store up to 35,000 temperature data. The dry ice temperature recorder also has an alarm function. The user can set the temperature alarm range. Once the dry ice ambient temperature exceeds the alarm range, the LCD display will have an alarm indication, and the alarm symbol (x) will be displayed on the screen. According to the specific temperature value of the alarm, Users can adjust the dry ice environment temperature to ensure the quality and safety of items.


Dry Ice USB Temperature Logger


Atlas Log-IUT launched by Freshliance is an LCD ultra-low temperature logger. Through the display screen, users can directly check data such as normal dry ice environment, alarms, maximum/minimum/average temperature values, operating status and battery power, etc. Users can monitor in a timely manner and control temperature changes during dry ice environment storage and transportation. Currently, the Dry Ice USB Temperature Logger can work continuously in ultra-low temperature environments and can be used for temperature monitoring and recording in the fields of biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, biological samples, pharmaceutical cold chain, vaccine cold chain, blood cold chain, diagnostic reagents, frozen food, etc. Provide accurate and reliable temperature data.