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What is a strawberry USB temperature data logger?

Strawberry is a fruit with a delicious taste and high nutritional value, which is very popular among people. However, strawberries are very sensitive to temperature, and their optimal storage temperature is between 0°C and 4°C, so attention should be paid to the appropriate temperature during strawberry storage. Long-term storage or transportation of strawberries requires professional cold chain temperature control and professional strawberry temperature data recorders for temperature monitoring to ensure that the strawberries are in an environment with a suitable temperature. The Strawberry USB temperature data logger is a type of temperature monitoring device that can use USB to generate temperature data reports. Investors can use the reports to judge whether the temperature changes of strawberries during transportation or storage have an impact on them.


strawberry USB temperature data logger


Temperature monitoring refers to real-time monitoring and recording of the temperature of strawberries. By using temperature sensors and monitoring equipment, the temperature changes of strawberries during transportation and storage can be tracked. The Fresh Tag 1 USB Temperature Data Logger provided by Freshliance is a disposable temperature logger that cannot be used again after one use. The Fresh Tag 1 designed by our company can be divided into different models according to the working hours, such as 7, 15, 30, 60, 90, 120, and 180 days available. Users can choose the appropriate model according to the storage or transportation time cycle of fruits such as strawberries. The monitoring temperature range of this strawberry USB temperature data logger is -30℃-+70℃, and all data and parameters are preset by the factory. After getting it, the user only needs to turn it on to use it. The Fresh Tag 1 temperature recorder can customize the alarm point and set the required alarm temperature range. When the strawberry ambient temperature exceeds the set alarm point, the temperature recorder will flash a red LED light to remind the user, which is very useful for real-time monitoring of strawberry ambient temperature changes. Big help. In addition to real-time monitoring, the temperature recorder also has the function of storing temperature data, which can store up to 129,600 pieces of data. After the supply chain is completed, users only need to plug the temperature recorder into a computer or smartphone to generate a temperature data report. , no need to install other software, very simple and convenient to use.


strawberry USB temperature data logger


Freshliance is a manufacturer that specializes in R&D and the production of temperature data loggers. Each temperature logger launched takes up little space, is light in weight, and has stable performance. It is suitable for medicines, frozen foods, fresh foods, vegetables, fish, and meat: class and other environmental temperature monitoring. The strawberry USB temperature data logger can provide users with accurate and reliable real-time temperature data of the strawberry environment, helping investors to more conveniently manage the environmental temperature and ensure the quality and taste of strawberries.