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How To Choose The Right Temperature Recorder For Shipping?

With the continuous development of global trade, more and more goods need to be transported from one country to other countries to create more economic value. However, many special commodities have strict temperature requirements during transportation, such as medicine, fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, chemicals, etc. They all need to maintain a constant temperature during transportation to ensure their quality. and safety standards. In order to ensure a constant ambient temperature during the transportation of items, a temperature recorder for shipping will be selected, which can monitor and record the temperature to ensure the quality and safety of the items.


How To Choose The Right Temperature Recorder For Shipping


Since different items need to be stored in different temperature environments, and different transportation distances are also different, so we need to choose different types and models of temperature recorder for shipping. For example, medicines are very sensitive to temperature. Improper temperature changes may cause the medicine to fail or even deteriorate. Therefore, it is necessary to select some high-sensitivity thermometers to monitor the transportation environment temperature of medicines; and tuna, salmon, and other seafood that require ultra-low temperature transportation, it is necessary to choose an ultra-low temperature recorder to monitor the temperature, because ordinary equipment cannot monitor the temperature; chemicals are extremely sensitive to temperature changes, and chemical reactions or leakage may occur under inappropriate temperature conditions, and the temperature of chemicals can be monitored in real-time, and send an alarm when the temperature is abnormal, so that measures to avoid accidents can be taken in time.


How To Choose The Right Temperature Recorder For Shipping


So to sum up, in the process of transporting goods, it is necessary to choose the appropriate model according to the specific needs, so that not only the quality and safety of the goods can be guaranteed, but also the cost can be reduced. As a company specializing in R&D and production of temperature recorders, Freshliance has launched a variety of temperature recorders for shipping suitable for different industries, different travel times, and different temperature monitoring. The performance is perfect and the technology is mature, which can ensure the quality and effectiveness of the goods.