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What is LED temperature indicator?

A temperature indicator is a device or instrument used to monitor and display temperature. It has a similar principle to a temperature data logger. It is mainly used for environmental temperature monitoring and recording in industries such as food, medicine, and biological sciences. LED temperature indicator is a device that uses LED as a display element to display temperature information. It has accurate time and temperature alarms and can be used in refrigerated trucks, medical cabinets, refrigerated containers, medicine cabinets, and other environments. It can accurately and reliably Monitor the ambient temperature of items to ensure the quality and safety of items.


What is LED temperature indicator


With the development and standardization of the cold chain industry, temperature data recorders are increasingly used in the cold chain industry. LED temperature indicator has the characteristics of small size, easy operation, and high-cost performance. It has great advantages whether it is temperature monitoring of sensitive items such as food or medicine. Thermis Tag 1E LED Temperature Indicator is a disposable temperature recorder. The temperature monitoring range is 30℃~+70℃, and the accuracy is the full range (-30℃~+70℃). The accuracy is ±0.5℃, and it has very good performance. High accuracy, in line with temperature monitoring standards for medicines, biological reagents, etc. Although it is a disposable time temperature indicator, it can last for a long time, up to 400 days, and it is powered by a 3.0V lithium battery. Its power consumption is very low under normal working conditions, which is suitable for temperature monitoring of sensitive items. More cost savings can be achieved. The LED temperature indicator has three LED indicators to indicate its working status. The alarm can be triggered by a single event or by a cumulative time set by the user. If any data exceeds the preset alarm threshold, the red LED light (high or low) will flash once every 10 seconds to alarm, and the alarm is irreversible. Users can set two alarm points according to their needs so that they can understand the temperature more timely changes to adjust the ambient temperature to ensure the quality and safety of items.


What is LED temperature indicator


As a manufacturer specializing in temperature indicators, Freshliance’s time temperature indicators are widely used in various fields, including food, industry, aerospace, medical, environmental monitoring, etc. They play an important role in monitoring and controlling temperature, helping people ensure that equipment, systems, or environments are within the appropriate temperature range to improve efficiency, safety, and comfort. Moreover, the LED temperature indicator has perfect performance and mature technology. If users have needs, they can consult customer service online or leave a message. We will introduce the details of this device to you in detail!