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Simple greenhouse USB temperature humidity data logger

Greenhouses provide a controlled environment for plant growth, seed cultivation, etc., allowing a variety of plants to be grown in any season. The greenhouse can provide a temperature and humidity environment suitable for plant production, and coupled with professional temperature and humidity equipment for temperature and humidity monitoring, it can ensure the normal growth and cultivation of plants. The greenhouse USB temperature humidity data logger is a greenhouse temperature humidity data logger that is simple to operate, takes up little space, is light in weight, and has stable performance. It can accurately monitor and record greenhouse temperature and humidity changes with very good results.


Simple greenhouse usb temperature humidity data logger


Greenhouses require temperature and humidity monitoring to ensure the healthy growth of plants, prevent pests and diseases, energy conservation and resource management, as well as data recording and analysis. TagPlus-TH provided by Freshliance is a temperature humidity data logger with an LCD screen. The LCD will display all parameters, real-time, maximum, minimum, average temperature values, high/low alarm curves, etc. The user does not need to plug the instrument in On the computer, you can directly check the temperature and humidity of the greenhouse through the display screen. If the user wants to report greenhouse temperature and humidity at a certain stage for analysis, the user only needs to use the USB interface to plug into the computer to generate a report in PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV format and can continue to work after generating the report, temporary report mode It is also more convenient for users to monitor and record temperature and humidity changes in the greenhouse. This greenhouse USB temperature humidity data logger can be used repeatedly, with a maximum working time of 180 days. After the end, the battery can be replaced to continue working. It is very suitable for temperature and humidity monitoring in greenhouses, laboratories, farms, and other environments, and is very cost-effective.


Simple greenhouse usb temperature humidity data logger


Temperature and humidity monitoring can be used for data recording and analysis to understand the changing trends of the environment in the greenhouse, evaluate the impact of different factors on plant growth, and optimize greenhouse management strategies. The greenhouse USB temperature humidity data logger provided by Freshliance can record and store up to 35,000 pieces of data, and the recording interval can be reasonably configured according to needs. The LCD real-time display of temperature and humidity changes can remind users to adjust the environmental conditions in the greenhouse in time, and the high-capacity recording function is very helpful for greenhouse temperature and humidity data analysis, so this USB temperature humidity data logger is a very good assistant for greenhouse development.