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Laboratory Temperature And Humidity Data Logger

Temperature and humidity are one of the very important parameters in the laboratory environment. Different types of laboratories have different requirements for temperature and humidity. However, maintaining appropriate and constant temperature and humidity is very important for the accuracy and reliability of experimental results, the comfort of experimenters, and the stability of equipment. Real-time monitoring of laboratory temperature and humidity is also very critical. If there are changes, adjustments can be made in time. The laboratory temperature and humidity data logger is specially designed for indoor temperature and humidity monitoring in laboratories and other places. Because it has an LCD display, it can view the ambient temperature and humidity in real-time and make adjustments to the temperature and humidity more effectively.


Laboratory Lcd Temperature And Humidity Data Logger


In most cases, the temperature requirements of the laboratory are usually between 20°C and 25°C and the relative humidity should be maintained between 40% and 60%. However, some special laboratories will have different temperature and humidity requirements and are Relatively strict. TagPlus-TH LCD Temperature and Humidity Data Logger provided by Freshliance is a Laboratory temperature and humidity data logger with a large LCD display that can display all parameters, such as laboratory environment real-time, maximum, minimum, and average temperature and humidity values, and high/low alarm Curves, etc. In addition to checking the real-time temperature, this temperature data logger also has a relatively large recording and storage function. The PDF format can store up to 35,000 readings, and the PDF&CSV format can store 20,000 readings. The user can also set the data recording interval according to needs so that the recorded data will be warmer and more reliable. After the trip, a report can be generated through a computer or mobile phone, making it easier for experimenters to analyze the temperature and humidity of the laboratory environment and ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the experimental results. Compared with disposable temperature and humidity data loggers, this logger can be used multiple times, and the battery life is up to 180 days. After the battery is exhausted, the battery can be replaced and reused, which can save more costs in the laboratory.


Laboratory Lcd Temperature And Humidity Data Logger


The Laboratory temperature and humidity data logger produced by Freshliance monitors temperature and humidity of -30℃~+70℃, 0~100%RH respectively, and the accuracy is within the allowable error range of the laboratory. Therefore, TagPlus-TH can be used to monitor and record laboratory environment temperature and humidity data in real-time, helping laboratory managers better understand laboratory temperature and humidity changes and make necessary adjustments and improvements.