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Butter USB Temperature Logger Price

Butter is a classic and delicious dairy product widely used in cooking, baking, and eating. It is favored by people for its soft taste and overflowing fragrance. It is a very important match for toast and baked biscuits. Butter is a dairy product made primarily from milk or cream. Under normal circumstances, butter does not require cold chain transportation and only needs to be stored at room temperature. However, if the temperature is too high or during long-term transportation and storage, cold chain management is required, and the ambient temperature needs to be monitored and recorded at all times. The function of the butter USB temperature logger is to help butter cold chain management perform temperature monitoring to prevent temperature changes from affecting the quality and taste of butter.


Butter Usb Temperature Logger Price


Butter has a relatively high-fat content and is susceptible to melting or rancidity caused by heat. Therefore, in high-temperature environments, butter may melt, resulting in a loss of quality. Cold chain transport ensures quality by controlling temperature and humidity to ensure the butter is kept in the right conditions. The USB temperature logger launched by Freshliance has many types and models. It is a very common temperature logger for cold chain management temperature monitoring at present. Fresh Tag 1 NFC Disposable Temperature Data Logger is a disposable thermometer with a USB plug. After the butter cold chain is completed, it can be directly inserted into a computer or mobile phone. It will directly generate a PDF temperature report without installing software. It uses near-field communication (NFC) technology. Once a mobile phone or tablet is close to the recorder, the data is immediately displayed on the mobile application. There is no need to open the instrument package to directly view the temperature data, making it more convenient and simple to use. In addition to the temperature monitoring function, this temperature data logger also has the function of data recording and storage. The PDF format can store up to 129,600 pieces of data; the PDF and CSV formats can store 20,000 pieces of data. Users can set the data recording interval according to their own needs to ensure the accuracy of the data. Integrity and reliability, so that the quality and taste of butter are not affected during transportation or storage.


Butter Usb Temperature Logger Price


Cold chain transportation may be beneficial for situations where butter needs to be transported from the producer to a distant location or needs to be stored for a long time, but temperature monitoring and recording are important for butter, whether it is normal temperature management or cold chain management, The butter USB temperature logger has the characteristics of high accuracy. The data recorded by temperature monitoring is more accurate and reliable. It allows users to clearly understand the temperature conditions during butter transportation or storage, ensuring the quality and reputation of butter to a greater extent. Let consumers enjoy using it more!