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What is a wifi temperature logger?

With the continuous innovation and development of temperature data recorder technology, more and more temperature recorders with different functions are playing an important role in the storage and transportation of medicine, food, chemicals, and other items. The wifi temperature logger is a type of wireless temperature data meter. Unlike ordinary temperature loggers, it can use Wi-Fi to remotely monitor and record temperature changes in the environment. It is widely used in medicine, food, and biological reagents, It can also be used for the storage of chemicals, etc., and can also be used to monitor and record temperature and humidity in laboratories, libraries, archives, wine cellars, homes, and other places. It is very simple to use.


What is a wifi temperature logger


With the development and application of wireless temperature logger technology, wifi temperature logger is becoming more and more popular in the market. Wireless temperature data loggers mainly include sensors, data loggers, communication modules, power supplies, etc., which can realize real-time monitoring, data recording, remote access, alarm notification, and other functions, and can effectively monitor and record environmental temperature and humidity conditions. The COEUS-WIFI Temperature Humidity Data Logger provided by Freshliance can simultaneously monitor and record ambient temperature and humidity. The built-in PDF/CSV file generation function enables the temperature sensor to directly generate irreversible reports without any software. Moreover, this wifi temperature recorder has an LCD display, through which you can view the current temperature and humidity, maximum and minimum temperature and humidity, as well as alarm and device status. Compared with ordinary temperature data loggers, COEUS-WIFI can realize historical data collection, statistics, and customer browsing functions through WiFi data communication technology. It can monitor changes in environmental temperature and humidity remotely in real-time. If there are major changes, it will The ambient temperature and humidity can be adjusted in time to ensure the quality and safety of stored items.


What is a wifi temperature logger


With the rapid development of the warehousing and transportation industries, the importance of temperature data loggers has become more and more obvious, and the COEUS-WIFI temperature logger provided by Freshliance provides a convenient and reliable method for warehousing and logistics as well as laboratory research. Monitor and record temperature and humidity to ensure environmental safety and quality control. Moreover, our company’s temperature data loggers are cheap and can provide technical support and after-sales guarantee, making users more worry-free and time-saving during use, and improving the efficiency of environmental temperature and humidity monitoring and recording. If you are interested in our company’s wifi temperature data logger, you can consult online or leave a message!