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What is a dry ice temperature logger?

Anyone who knows the transportation or warehousing industry knows that dry ice is a very good coolant and is very suitable for the transportation or storage of some temperature-sensitive items. Dry ice has a very low temperature and can be used for refrigeration and preservation of biological samples, medicines, food, etc. A dry ice temperature logger is a device used to monitor and record changes in the temperature of ultra-low temperature environments during transportation or storage. It has stable operation and the ability to continue working in ultra-low temperatures, so it is very suitable for use in dry ice environments.


What is a dry ice temperature logger


Temperature monitoring is very important in dry ice environments to ensure safety, quality control, shipping and storage efficiency, and compliance with regulatory requirements. But many users don’t know which dry ice temperature recorder to choose, or how to use a dry ice temperature logger. Currently, there are many types of ultra-low temperature recorders on the market that can be used in dry ice environments, with different models and different performances. The Fresh Keeper-IUT launched by Freshliance is specially designed for temperature monitoring and recording in ultra-low temperature environments. The temperature monitoring range is -90℃~70℃, which is no problem for dry ice environments. Although it works in an ultra-low temperature environment, the accuracy of this dry ice temperature data logger is still very high, can reach ±0.5℃ (-30℃~70℃), ±1℃ (The others), which is suitable for biopharmaceuticals, Temperature monitoring of sensitive items such as life sciences, biological samples, blood cold chain, and diagnostic reagents under ultra-low temperature is very suitable. This dry ice temperature data logger can set 6 high and low-temperature alarm points. When the dry ice ambient temperature exceeds the alarm point, the device will sound an alarm, and the alarm status will be displayed on the display. The user can adjust the dry ice ambient temperature in time for items. The quality is more guaranteed.


What is a dry ice temperature logger


The Fresh Keeper-IUT Dry Ice Ultra Low Temperature Data Logger developed by Freshliance uses a very advanced sensor, so it has always been ahead of other manufacturers in terms of accuracy. Our company can customize dry ice temperature logger according to users’ needs. Users can choose disposable low-temperature data loggers according to their needs, with a working cycle of 7/15/30 days; users can also choose multiple reusable models. Use it for 120 days, and then you can replace the battery and use it multiple times. No matter which ultra-low temperature data logger users choose, our equipment can operate stably and reliably, and can provide users with true and accurate temperature reports to ensure the quality and safety of items.