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What is a cold chain Bluetooth temperature sensor?

A cold chain is a temperature-controlled supply chain system that is used to keep products in a low-temperature environment throughout the production, transportation, storage, and sales process. The cold chain Bluetooth temperature sensor is an instrument that can monitor and record ambient temperature changes in real-time. This Bluetooth temperature recorder can not only view real-time temperature data through the APP but also view historical temperature data and change curves at any short time during the entire cold chain process. It is very powerful and is very helpful for cold chain environment analysis.


what is a cold chain bluetooth temperature sensor


Cold chain management and temperature monitoring are effective for many items, such as medicines, vaccines, frozen foods, etc., which have strict temperature control requirements during transportation and storage. Temperature monitoring can help companies meet these regulatory requirements. The Bluetooth temperature recorder produced by Freshliance can be connected and configured through the mobile phone APP, and it can view real-time and historical data, and it does not need to be unpacked or connected to a computer. Cold chain managers can choose BlueTag T10 launched by Freshliance as a cold chain Bluetooth temperature sensor because the device takes up little space, has high accuracy, and has a high protection level. It can be used in humid environments such as fruits, vegetables, seafood, meat, etc., and can also be used in cold chains such as medicines and vaccines. The Bluetooth temperature data logger can record and store up to 65,000 readings. After collecting the ambient temperature data of the cold chain supply chain, the sensor will upload it to the mobile phone APP. You can easily read the data without unpacking. You can view historical data for hours, days, weeks, or even years and export it to PDF or CSV format. The effective distance of the recorder is within 10m. Within 10 m, the mobile phone APP will automatically connect to the device. Moreover, one mobile phone APP can connect to countless devices, and one recorder can connect to countless mobile phone APPs, which is not only conducive to the joint analysis of cold chain ambient temperature changes by multiple users but also more convenient for the joint monitoring and record management of multiple devices in a larger cold chain space. Therefore, the recorder is very suitable for monitoring the changes in the temperature of the cold chain transportation or storage environment of various sensitive items.


what is a cold chain bluetooth temperature sensor


The efficient operation of the cold chain system depends on temperature control equipment, temperature monitoring technology, and professional management personnel to ensure the continuity and stability of temperature control throughout the process. The cold chain Bluetooth temperature sensor provided by Freshliance can meet the temperature monitoring needs of cold chain management of various sensitive items. The Bluetooth temperature recorder can read temperature data directly on the APP without unpacking or connecting to a computer. It is very convenient and effective for environmental temperature analysis and product quality judgment, which can save more time and cost.