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Vaccine time temperature indicator

Vaccines are very temperature-sensitive items. During transportation or storage, temperature data recorders are required to monitor real-time temperature conditions to maintain their safety and effectiveness. There are many models of vaccine temperature data recorders, but Freshliance, as a manufacturer specializing in the production of medical temperature recorder, recommends the vaccine time temperature indicator because it has high sensitivity and accuracy, and is very suitable for transportation temperature monitoring of vaccines, proteins or any temperature-sensitive products. , which can ensure that the ambient temperature of vaccines and other medicines meets the requirements during transportation or storage.


vaccine time temperature indicator


If the temperature fluctuates during transportation or storage or exceeds the required range of the vaccine, the quality of the vaccine may be affected. Vaccine temperature monitoring can detect temperature changes in time and take corresponding measures to protect the quality of the vaccine. The Thermis Tag 1 Time Temperature Indicator provided by Freshliance is a disposable temperature recorder that can work for up to 5 years and has a very long service life. The accuracy of this vaccine time temperature indicator is ±0.5°C in the full range (-30°C to +70°C), which meets the requirements for temperature monitoring of medical vaccines. This vaccine temperature recorder can easily configure high and low-temperature alarm ranges. There are 2 alarm points and 7 alarm points for users to choose from. When the vaccine environment temperature exceeds the alarm point, the device will flash an LED light to remind the user, and the user can immediately Adjust the vaccine environment temperature. The parameters of the Thermis Tag 1 Time Temperature Indicator can be set according to needs, such as recording interval, start delay time, minimum and maximum alarm points, etc., making it an ideal solution for monitoring the transportation of vaccines, proteins, or any temperature-sensitive products.


vaccine time temperature indicator


By monitoring temperature, vaccines can be protected from temperature fluctuations and temperature extremes, ensuring vaccine quality and activity. There are many models of vaccine temperature data recorders produced by Freshliance. The vaccine time temperature indicator is just one of them. It takes up little space and has a good waterproof effect. It is suitable for refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, freezers, medical cabinets, medical refrigerators, etc. It is suitable for medicines, and vaccines, The temperature monitoring of temperature-sensitive products such as biological samples and blood is very effective and the price is relatively suitable for public use, so it is also very popular in the market. If you want to know more details about Freshliance Medical Temperature Data Logger, you can consult online customer service or leave a message!