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USB temperature recorder for medical temperature monitoring

There are many types of pharmaceutical products. Some medicines are very sensitive to temperature. Inappropriate temperature conditions may affect the stability, activity, and safety of the medicine, and have an impact on the patient’s health. Under normal circumstances, temperature monitoring is required during the storage process of medicines, and temperature monitoring must be done at the same time. USB temperature recorder is a temperature monitoring instrument that can be connected to a computer using a USB interface to generate temperature reports. It can be used for medical temperature monitoring to ensure the stability, quality, and compliance of drugs.


usb temperature recorder for medical temperature monitoring


Different drugs may have different temperature requirements. Some drugs need to be stored under refrigerated conditions, usually in the temperature range of 2-8 degrees Celsius, and some need to be stored in the range of 15-25 degrees Celsius. So temperature monitoring is very critical for pharmaceutical storage. Fresh Tag 1U is a disposable USB temperature recorder launched by Freshliance. The maximum working time is 180 days. The temperature monitoring range is -40℃~ +60℃. The accuracy is very high and can reach ±0.5℃ (-20℃~40 ℃), ±1.0°C (others). For high-precision temperature data loggers, it is very suitable for temperature monitoring in medicine, laboratories, etc., because the instrument can provide accurate temperature reference data for these fields, ensuring the effectiveness of medicine and the accuracy of experimental results. This disposable temperature data recorder can customize the alarm point. If the temperature of the medical environment exceeds the alarm range during the monitoring process, the LED will flash red, which can remind the user to adjust the environmental temperature in time to ensure the quality and safety of the medicine. Many regulatory agencies require drug manufacturers and distributors to record and report the temperature data of drugs to ensure compliance with quality standards and compliance requirements. The Fresh Tag 1U USB Temperature Data Logger can store 129,600 temperature data and only It needs to be connected to a computer, and a temperature report will be automatically generated. There is no need to install any software, and the report is highly accurate. Users can choose reports in different formats of PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV according to their needs. It is very simple and convenient to use.


usb temperature recorder for medical temperature monitoring


In order to ensure the quality and effectiveness of drugs, the storage and transportation of pharmaceutical products must follow specific temperature requirements and adopt appropriate temperature monitoring and control measures. Freshliance can provide a stable USB temperature recorder, wireless temperature data logger, Bluetooth temperature data logger, etc. for pharmaceutical storage temperature monitoring technology. Each device can accurately monitor and record real-time changes in the temperature of the pharmaceutical environment, providing users with accurate Quality analysis voucher reports to ensure the quality and safety of medicines. Freshliance can also provide reasonable pharmaceutical temperature monitoring solutions for pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical distributors, with lower investment costs and more accurate monitoring directions!