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Ultra-low thermometer for freezer temperature monitoring

Some biological products and experimental samples require ultra-low-temperature environments, and ultra-low-temperature freezers can provide suitable storage environments. Ultra-low temperature freezers require temperature monitoring, which is the key to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of items. Ultra-low thermometer can be used for ultra-low temperature environment temperature monitoring and recording of freezers and can maintain stability and long-term operation in ultra-low temperature environments with high accuracy. It is suitable for biopharmaceuticals, life sciences, biological samples, blood cold chains, diagnostic reagents, and experimental sample storage and transportation temperature monitoring and recording. It can provide accurate and reliable temperature reports, which is very helpful for low-temperature environment analysis and item quality judgment.


Ultra low thermometer for freezer temperature monitoring


Ultra-low temperature freezers are very important equipment in laboratories and hospitals. They can ensure the quality of important items, and temperature monitoring can ensure that the internal environment of the freezer meets the standards. Freshliance’s Fresh Keeper-IUT is a cost-effective ultra-low temperature recorder with a temperature monitoring range of -90℃~70℃ and an accuracy of ±0.5℃ (-30℃~70℃); ±1℃ (others), which meets the ultra-low temperature monitoring standards for biopharmaceuticals and laboratory samples. Although it works in an ultra-low temperature environment, this ultra-low thermometer has low energy consumption and can work for up to 120 days. During operation, the equipment is stable, the monitoring is accurate, and the recording is uninterrupted, which can ensure that every temperature change of the ultra-low temperature freezer can be accurately collected. The ultra-low temperature recorder has an LCD display. During operation, the manager can view the equipment operation status, current/highest/lowest/average temperature, alarm status, remaining days, and other data in real-time, and can judge the freezer environment. If the temperature is abnormal, it can be adjusted in time. Laboratories, hospitals, and other fields have high requirements for the quality of stored items. According to the requirements, storage, and transportation in ultra-low temperature environments require temperature reports throughout the process. Relevant personnel can judge whether the freezer temperature changes affect the quality and effectiveness of the items based on the temperature data and change curves on the report, and ensure the quality and safety of the items in the freezer.


Ultra low thermometer for freezer temperature monitoring


Real-time monitoring of the ultra-low temperature freezer temperature is very necessary. Not only can the ambient temperature be checked at any time through the screen, but the alarm function can also alert the manager of the abnormal freezer environment, which can be adjusted more timely to avoid affecting the items. Freshliance is very experienced in the research and development and production of ultra-low thermometers, and the instrument is more user-friendly in appearance and function. The ultra-low temperature recorder has low energy consumption and stable operation in ultra-low temperature environment, which can ensure that there will be no interruption or stop in the entire collection process. Freshliance temperature data recorder has a very good reputation in the market. In addition to high quality, our after-sales service ensures that users can be more worry-free during use!