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Thermis Log 1 temperature data recorder for medicine

Medicine is related to people’s health and safety. There are many types of pharmaceutical products. Many types of medicine require cold chain management because temperature is an important factor affecting their quality and safety, especially biological products, vaccines, and blood products. and certain medications. Pharmaceuticals also need temperature monitoring during cold chain management to ensure that the pharmaceuticals are always produced in a constant and appropriate temperature environment. The Thermis Log 1 temperature data recorder for medicine launched by Freshliance can accurately monitor and record the temperature of the pharmaceutical environment to ensure its quality and safety.


Thermis Log 1 Temperature Data Recorder For Medicine


There are benefits to good cold chain management and temperature monitoring in medicine, such as maintaining product stability, preventing bacterial and microbial contamination, complying with regulatory requirements, and protecting patient safety. Each of these is very important. For temperature monitoring of medicines, accuracy is very important, because medicines are very sensitive to temperature, and large temperature changes will affect the quality and safety of medicines. Therefore, the Thermis Log 1 provided by Freshliance is a very accurate temperature data recorder for medicine, ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃), very suitable for recording temperature-sensitive goods, and very suitable for use in medicine, vaccines, biological reagents, and other industries. Thermis Log 1 is very easy to use. All data and parameters are pre-programmed by the factory for easy operation. The user can use it directly after getting it and turning it on. It is very simple. Thermis Log 1 is a compact instrument that takes up little space. It can be placed in medical cabinets, freezers, medical bags, medical boxes, incubators, etc. Our company produces models with 7, 15, 30, 60 or 90 days of working time. After the trip, a temperature data report can be generated. After use, it can be thrown away directly and cannot be used again, because these are disposable devices.


Thermis Log 1 Temperature Data Recorder For Medicine


Pharmaceuticals require cold chain management to ensure product quality, activity, and safety, comply with regulatory requirements, and protect patient health and safety. Therefore, it is very necessary to do a good job in temperature control and monitoring of medicine. Freshliance provides many models of temperature data recorders for medicine. Users can choose the model that suits their transportation or storage conditions according to their own needs, ensuring that pharmaceutical products remain in the best condition during storage and transportation.