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Chocolate usb temperature recorder

Temperature is one of the key factors that affects the quality and taste of chocolate, so chocolate needs to be in a low-temperature environment during production, transportation, and storage, and temperature monitoring is indispensable. The chocolate USB temperature recorder can be used throughout the entire supply chain. It has good stability, low power consumption, and takes up little space. It can provide real-time monitoring, abnormal alarms, record storage, and other functions. It can accurately monitor and control temperature changes in the entire chocolate supply chain. Recording to ensure the quality and taste of chocolate is of great help in improving the efficiency of cold chain management.

chocolate usb temperature recorder


Temperatures that are too high or too low during storage or transportation will affect the taste and quality of chocolate. Monitoring temperature ensures that the chocolate remains stable within the appropriate temperature range, so choosing the right temperature logger is important. Usb temperature recorder is very suitable for temperature monitoring in the chocolate supply chain. For example, Fresh Tag 10T Single Use Temperature Data Logger temperature monitoring range is -30℃~70℃, and the accuracy is ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70 ℃), this accuracy is most appropriate for temperature-sensitive chocolate and can sensitively capture changes in ambient temperature. Moreover, this chocolate USB temperature recorder can set the alarm temperature range. If the ambient temperature of the chocolate exceeds the alarm range during transportation or storage, the device will flash a red LED light to remind, and the device’s LCD display will have an alarm symbol, which can be used in time. Really remind users of abnormal temperatures in the cold chain environment and make timely adjustments. The low temperature data logger has strong data storage capacity and can store up to 65,000 readings. After the chocolate cold chain transportation or storage is completed, the USB temperature and humidity recorder can be connected to the computer to automatically generate an irreversible chart report. Users PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV report formats can be selected. Accurate and reliable temperature reporting can provide excellent support for the effectiveness and safety of the chocolate cold chain.


chocolate usb temperature recorder


The Low temperature data logger can perform good temperature monitoring during chocolate transportation or storage to ensure its quality and taste. The chocolate USB temperature recorder provided by Freshliance can meet the temperature monitoring needs of cold chain management of chocolate during the storage and transportation stages, whether it is real-time monitoring, alarming, or recording. High accuracy, high precision, and high stability greatly improve the efficiency of chocolate cold chain management, and can be widely used in cold chain environments such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated bags, and refrigerated cabinets. The temperature data logger launched by Freshliance is affordable and has guaranteed after-sales service. It is very practical for cold chain management!